Lamp Level Asian Tutorial English

If you know this site 9gag, maybe you have seen this lamp before. A lamp composed of carton from milk. It was designed by an Asia Designer, who must be incredible patient and he must have a lot of time on his hands.

But the problem is, you don´t see the lot of work not really on the result. Of course you think: Wow, that´s amazing. I would like to do this, too! and I thought, this could be possible! Ha!

I´ve looked at the Links (1 and 2) to this work of art and found in fact an instruction. So I took my crazy friend as I said before, who is really into this S***t. Okay, we start to collect milk cartons, sat down and began to do this handicrafts. Like the tutorial.

After the huge timelime from 8 hours we had the seperate parts to put together like the instruction from the internet. Till we had read the comments to this lamp and suddenly we are sure, that we´ve had a little less than the half of the pieces we need and the tutorial shows only how to do it.

We had after 8 hours of nerve-racking work (it wasn´t so dramatical as it seems. It was much fun, too) the choice to work another 10 hours plus no estimate time to put the lamp together or to think about the whole project.
Based on the material (20 milk cartons are way to sparse) and the disappointment about the unknown finish we choose to be creative on our own and try to compose a building plan for a lesser and not so spectacular lamp. But she’s Done! Btw, on the same evening!

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